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Details of Our Program



Program Name:                        Barber Program

Barber Program Hours:             1500 Hours – 50 credit hours

Length of Program:                   11 Months (Fall to Spring)) see website for exact dates

Type of Instruction:                    Classroom



The courses are designed to prepare students in the barbering industry to prepare students in the areas of: Treatment of Hair & Scalp, Facial Massage & Treatments, Shaving, Haircutting, Hairstyling, Permanent Waving & Chemical Hair Relaxing, Hair Coloring & Hair Tinting, Law, Rules, & Regulations, Management, ethics, interpersonal skills & Salesman, and Disinfection, Cleaning, Safe Work Practices. Upon the completion and mastery of these courses, students will be prepared to take the Colorado State Barbering Exam.



That students upon completion of the courses will be ready to take and pass the Colorado State Barber Exam and become employable in the field of barbering.



-Lecture, dialogue, and digital presentation

-Independent course work (theory and practical)

-Exams will be administered to evaluate student progress and to identify areas of weakness to understand course work that needs further review or to reteach. 



Students are given a body of work to complete weekly through lessons, and hands on assessments, and chapter exams.

If an academic or practical exam grade does not meet satisfactory requirements, students are given the opportunity to retake the exam one time, within three (3) school days. The better of the two exam grades will be entered in the student’s gradebook. Students must maintain a grade average of 70% and pass a FINAL written and practical exam prior to graduation. Students who are absent on the day of an exam (written and/or practical) must make-up the exam within three (3) school days. The make-up exam grade will be the one and only grade for that exam. Numerical grades are considered according to the following scale: 


90 - 100 EXCELLENT 

80 - 89 VERY GOOD 





Milady Standard Barbering- 6th Edition



  1. Standard Barbering textbook 

  2. Colorado State Barber Laws and Regulations 

Colorado Code-Professional & Vocational Standards




60 TREATMENTS OF HAIR & SCALP: Properties of the Hair and Scalp, Structure and Composition of the Hair, Hair Growth and Loss, Disorders of the Hair and Scalp, Hair and Scalp  

Analysis, Scalp Care and Massage, Brushing the Hair, Shampooing, Conditioning, Draping for Wet and Chemical Services,

Hair and Scalp Care Procedures  


90 FACIAL MASSAGE & TREATMENT Skin Structure and Growth, Skin Disorders and Diseases, Identifying Skin

Cancer, Recognize Pigment Disorders, Skin Analysis and Consultation, Determining Skin Type, Skin Care Products, Client Consultation, Facial Massage, Facial Equipment, Electrotherapy and Light Therapy, Understanding the Theory of Facial Massage   


90 FACIAL SHAVING: Performing Facial Analysis, Mastering the 14 Shaving Areas of the Face, Fundamentals of Shaving, Facial Hair Designs, Choosing Designs Based on Client Features, Mastering Shaving Strokes, Shaving-Related Infection Control and Safety Precautions, Honing and Stopping Straight Razors; Shaving Procedures   


270 HAIRCUTTING: Men’s and Women’s Haircutting, Basic Principles and Techniques of Sectioning and Haircutting; Identifying Basic Cuts, Understanding Client Language, Body and Posture Positioning; Removing Length or Bulk with Razor, Cutting Techniques with Shears and Clippers, Beginning Hair Design, Mastering Fade Cuts, Cutting Various Hair Textures; Haircutting Safety Precautions; Haircutting Procedures  


270 HAIRSTYLING: Men’s and Women’s Hairstyling Principles, Elements, and Philosophy of Hair Design; Creating Balance; Designing for Men; Wet Styling; Blow drying and Waving; Hair Wrapping; Finger Waving; Hair Dressing; Braiding; Hair Extensions, Enhancements, and Wigs; Thermal Hair Straightening; Styling Long Hair; Styling Procedures,

Men’s Hair Replacement Systems and Methods, Selling Hair Replacement Systems, Client Consultation, Styling Procedures



240 CHEMICAL HAIR SERVICES: The Hair Structure, Principles and Techniques of Sectioning, Wrapping, Processing, Curling, Relaxing and Curl Reforming, Chemical Texture Services Procedures   


240 HAIRCOLORING & HAIR TINTING: Identifying Natural Hair Color and Tone; Types of Hair color; Client Consultation; Principles and Techniques of Temporary, Semipermanent, Permanent Colors; Lightening; Tinting; Toning; Highlighting; Special Effects; Hair color Safety Precautions; Coloring the Mustache and Beard, Color Procedures.


30 LAW, RULES, & REGULATIONS: Rules and regulations that pertain to the barber in your specific city or state.   



MANAGEMENT, Opening a Barbershop, Business Plan, Written Agreements, Licensing Requirements and Regulations, Laws, Business Operations, Policies, Practices, Compensation Packages, Telephone Use, Advertising,

Sales, Communications, Public/Human Relations, Insurance, Seeking Employment, Resume and Cover Letter Development, Marketing Your Shop, Job Skills, Barbershop Safety, Building Your Business   


180 DISINFECTION, CLEAING, & SAFE WORK PRACTICES: Health, Cleaning and Disinfection Methods,

Chemical Agents, Types, Classifications, and Identifying Characteristics of Bacterial Growth and Viruses, Biology, Infections, Infection Control, Handling Exposure Incidents, Chemistry, Electricity, Anatomy and Physiology, Infection Control Procedures   


 The above hour requirements must be met by each student in each category in order for the earned hours to be accepted by the applicable regulatory agency for examination.  

1500 Hours

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