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Our Program




The Kings and Queens Barber Academy (hereinafter referred to as the School) offers barbering instruction for students training to take the Colorado State Barber Exam to receive their Colorado barber license. The school is staffed with qualified, approved instructors. Our mission is to provide quality education in the field of barbering to prepare students to pass the Colorado State Licensure Exam and become successfully employed in the Barber Industry. 


The School is owned by Prentice Wilson.  The officers of the school are Prentice Wilson, President; Laquonda Wilson, Vice President; Cherry Shephard, Secretary/Treasurer.





   All enrolled students are expected to have a personal email and check it once per day.


SCHOOL CATALOG All students are expected to read the full school catalog that is located at   Our catalog is subject to change with or without notice to students.



  • Complete 1500 (Barber) clock hours of the barber course of study in no less than 11 months 

  • Fulfill all graduation requirements as outlined in this catalog.

  • Pass the Colorado State Board Examination which consists of theory and practical applications


Kings and Queens Barber Academy will not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, age, color, ethnic origin or religion. Any prospective student or current student who feels they have been discriminated against should immediately bring this matter to the attention of the Director. 



-Classes begin in the Fall of each new year and conclude in the Spring. You may visit our website at for exact start and end dates for the year you are attending. 

The school reserves the right to reschedule, postpone or cancel class start dates.

**This information is subject to change, at any time, without notice. **


-Applications can be submitted any time via the website at  




  1. Complete a School Enrollment Agreement on the school website.

  2. Provide a verifiable high school diploma, or homeschooling certificate

  3. Transfer any foreign student’s high school diploma into an English diploma and confirm the academic equivalence to a U.S high school diploma

  4. Provide a Government ID, such as a driver’s license, state id with photo or passport 

  5. Complete the School financial worksheet

  6. Sign receipt of having read the School catalog

  7. Complete the Enrollment Agreement

  8. Pay the School registration fee by credit or debit card.



Enrollment is available for students wishing to transfer to the School after they have withdrawn from other barber schools both in and out of state. Steps to for transfer students is listed below:


  • Credit for previous training and education in licensed barber programs may be granted.

  • The acceptance of transfer hours is at the discretion of the school. The student must meet all regular admissions and enrollment requirements.

  • Students accepted for admission will be required to purchase the school’s current kit. 

  • The school does not guarantee the transferability of its credits to any other institution unless there is a written agreement with another institution.



Re-enrollment may be available for students who previously attended the School on a case-by-case basis and admission is NOT guaranteed.  In addition, re-enroll students may be required to purchase an additional kit or books if they do not have all of the required curriculum and tools.



Potential students may enroll into the School up to ten business days after the start date of the course. All students must make up all work that was missed prior to enrollment. 



The School currently offers a Barber Program, which requires 1500 hours in no less than 11 months.  If the student chooses to enroll, they are doing so electively. Below is the current class schedule:



Monday through Thursday - Time: 8:00am to 5:00pm

Friday; 8:00am to 2:00pm 


LUNCH & BREAKS: (Monday -Thursday) (1) One hour lunchbreak and (2) fifteen-minute breaks

                                          (Friday) (1) 30-minute lunchbreak  & (1) fifteen-minute break

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