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Sponsor a child with a "Brand New Bible" this school year!!

What will your donation achiev:

1. Allow a child to have a Bible they can call their "OWN".


2. Allow a child to have their own Bible which they can use for their Bible Class during Homeschool.

2. To encourage children to honor and respect the truths of God's Word. Children would get to know their GOD!

Sponsor: $12.00

This will pay for one child to receive a bible this school year

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Sponsor Bible Curriculum for a Child

Sponsor a child's Bible Curriculum this school year. RAIN Global, has researched and chosen one of the best, easy to understand, and spirit-filled curriculums for your child to grow and learn more about the truth of the God's word. 

The Positive Action Bible curriculum helps students learn about the God of the Word, not just about the Word of God. Teaching students to seek the majesty and grace of God in everything, this curriculum aims to magnify His majesty, works, and nature, and help students look for how God reveals himself through a message that shines through context, culture, and language.

You can sponsor one child or as many as you like. To sponsor one child's Bible Curriculum is $25.00 per child. RainGlobal will handle all the admin and shipping details of your sponsorship. Thank you in advance for helping to sow the Word of God in the hearts of children!!! Below are samples of the curriculum a child would receive. 

Kinder- Positive Action BC.jpg
1st- Positive Action BC.jpg
2nd- Positive Action BC.jpg
3rd- Positive Action BC.jpg
4th- Positive Action BC.jpg
5th- Positive Action BC.jpg
6th- Positive Action BC.jpg
RT 66- MS-HS- Positive Action.jpg

7th - 8th Grade

WISE UP- MS-HS- Positive Action.jpg

9th - 10th Grade

RT 66- 9-11 Positive Action.jpg

11th - 12th Grade

Sponsor Bible Curriculum: $25.00

This will pay for one child to receive bible curriculum this school year.


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