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2023 kingdom Initiatives

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In 2023, we are inviting families to Take Territory in their homes. Proverbs 1:7 says, "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge." we believe that now is the time for parents to arise and declare that their children will be taught of the Lord. With social media bombarding our chidlren from kindergarten thru twelfth grade and all types of demonic agendas in the classroom, we can't wait until Sunday morning for children/youth church. "Chidlren's Church at the House" is a Kingdom initiative that will encourage and empower parents/grandparents/guardians to teach their children at home weekly. Our prayer and objective are that children will know and serve the Lord in their youth and stand as Daniels and Deborah's and declare Jesus Christ is Lord. This outreach is for Kthru 12!

This initiative begins Febraury 3, 2023

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Registration opens soon.

This is our declaration in 2023, "We are not going out like this!" COVID-19, hit very hard the past two years, and evangelism declined in a great way across the nations. It is our heartbeat at Remnant to equip and empower believers to share their faith again. How will we do this, by designing prayer cards, that are called "HOPE365," These cards will have a QR code that people can connect to via phone and once connected, they will have a choice of prayers from the hosting ministry of the HOPE365 card. 

The QR codes will point to a website that will host various prayers, information about the ministry, and a welcome from the pastor or lead evangelism team member. 

Evangelism is on the uprise!!! Church Let's Go Into All the World...AGAIN and make disciples. Here We Come!!!

This initiative begins February 18, 2023

To learn more, email

Registration opens soon.

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project cover our children
We pray for the safety & salvation of our children    K-12 & beyond each Saturday

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