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Teach Them While you have them!

In 2023, we are inviting families to Take Territory in their homes. Proverbs 1:7 says, "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge." we believe that now is the time for parents to arise and declare that their children will be taught of the Lord. With social media bombarding our chidlren from kindergarten thru twelfth grade and all types of demonic agendas in the classroom, we can't wait until Sunday morning for children/youth church. "Teach Them While You Have Them" is a Kingdom initiative that will encourage and empower parents/grandparents/guardians to teach their children at home weekly. Our prayer and objective are that children will know and serve the Lord in their youth and stand as Daniels and Deborah's and declare Jesus Christ is Lord. This outreach is for K thru 12!

This initiative begins March 9, 2023


Parent Resources

Fun family Devotions #1 is sponsored by Seeds Family Devotion. It is one year of devotions with scripture memory, discussion question, prayer, and interactive videos. Click above to access.

Fun family Devotions #2 is sponsored by Family Time Training. This provides families with an interactive family devotion every week along with other sactivities. 

Click here is your a GRANDPARENT

Create Your Own

For parents who are already teaching their children at home and you want to continue with your current curriclum or you want to be led by the spirit daily/week what you should teach, this option is for you. Although even with the guided lessons, you can also, choose to insert your own lesson as you need to. The goal is to slow down and give them the time need to hear you (mama, daddy, grandparent, etc to teach them the Word of God and pray with them. 


More Resources Coming Soon!

Here is a sample Seeds Family Devotion

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